General information

Our Mission

Bowling Green Vision -

Proficiency for all students by:

  • Nurturing critical thinkers with a passion for learning.
  • Guiding students to be caring and culturally aware.
  • Developing confident individuals who apply Lifeskills and become well rounded, proactive members of society.

Bowling Green has been a successful charter school since 1993. It was the 18th charter in the State of California.

Many of the programs at Bowling Green have been successfully replicated at schools throughout the nation. It was a pioneering charter, widely acclaimed and continues to be studied. The staff at Bowling Green has gone through numerous adaptations including changes in program, curriculum and departmental structure. As a result, we are today comprised of a group of teachers and administrators who are flexible, creative and ever more dedicated to providing programs that best meet the needs of our students.  Our goal is to consistently provide instruction and support that will meet the needs of our diverse community.

Bowling Green will use the charter to continue working toward the school mission of proficiency for all children. Although characterized as a “dependent” charter, it will operate independently of the district administrative structure. The charter, however, is bound by the negotiated agreements between the Board and the various bargaining units with members at Bowling Green. This approach permits the charter school to use the best from within the district and the best from outside sources providing stability and success at Bowling Green.

The school has improved in many ways that might not have occurred had it remained completely within the district administrative structure. The independent approach has also resulted in one of the best school libraries in the district, and one of the most far reaching and effective site-based governance models in the region.

Although these are accomplishments we are extremely proud of, we ultimately strive to bring our students to a level where they can not only compete on par with students from throughout California, but become leaders in their communities.